Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Ozone! Thanks for trusting your precious kids to us this semester. We look forward to seeing you in January.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Highlighting Bentonville Ozone

Bentonville Ozone, led by Ben Rediske and Ellie Chase, is a welcoming environment for fun and creativity! Let's take a deeper look at our northernmost Ozone city!

Ben Rediske

My name is Benjamin Michael Rediske or BRed3000. I was born in Tulsa but raised in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. I also elected to attend the great institution of John Brown University. I graduated in 2008 with a major in Outdoor Leadership Ministries with a minor in Youth Ministries. I don’t like camping. I love the Kansas Jayhawks and sports. I always feel like my hamstrings are very tight.
What is your favorite Camp or Ozone memory?
My favorite Camp War Eagle memory is really hard to put my finger on. There are so many to choose from. It could be Rocking Car 2010, being Caddo chief during Orientation 2006, Hand washing from 2009, Cabin 22 session 6 2006. If it can be outside of camp activity then I would say that getting engaged at Camp War Eagle then that is my favorite memory there.
What originally attracted you to working for Ozone?
Growing up I knew I wanted to work with youth and kids in some way and I knew I loved summer camp. Camp War Eagle gave me the opportunity to combine my two passions into a “job”.
If you could create any huge Ozone event, what would it be?
A Rave with no budget.

Ellie Chase

My real name is Eleanor. I grew up in south central Pennsylvania, second child in a family of seven. I loved anything (and still do) using my imagination- telling stories, making up and filming plays with my sisters and being silly. I went to college in Missouri at Evangel University, for Film production and intercultural studies, with the hopes of some day writing children’s movies. During college I applied to be a Videographer at Camp War Eagle upon prompting from two of my best friends. I was a Videographer for two full summers before I was hired to join with Bentonville Ozone. Making pies for people is my greatest happiness.
What is your favorite Camp War Eagle memory?
Cabin Initiations in the oldest girls’ cabins, telling bedtime stories as “Kevin” (my robot-warrior-dragon alter-ego) to the youngest girls' cabins, opening my eyes in the pool for the first time ever, all the moments of joy that come with growing close to kids in such a spectacular setting!
What originally attracted you to working for Ozone?
My love for the Camp War Eagle program and love for getting to know and encourage kids in who God’s created them to be
If you could create any huge Ozone event, what would it be?
A weeklong wilderness experience, with survival and endurance challenges. We would probably roast animals over a fire at some point.

Using only 5 words, describe Bentonville Ozone.
EC: Creative Chaos; Fun, Discipling Relationships BR: Fun, Creative, Chaos, Christ-Centered, Sugar

What's the best thing about Lifeline, Primetime, and Ozone in Bentonville?
Lifeline: The joy that comes from everyone involved. Learning the truth about Christ early and having a total blast doing it
Primetime: Being encouraged with the word of God through a difficult stage of life.
High School: The depth of conversation that grows every week. Making genuine relationships and discipleship with people who care.

Is there anything new happening in Bentonville Ozone this semester?
Small groups have added a heightened sense of magic to our meetings. Also, we have the BEST leaders! They make club what it is.
If someone wanted to become involved in Ozone, what would you tell them?
We want to get to know you. We love welcoming new kids in and seeing them make friends with other students and leaders and really finding a place at Ozone!

Check out some photos from Bentonville this year!

It's never too late to get involved with Bentonville Ozone! We start our spring semester on January 10th. For more information, check out our website at