Thursday, December 10, 2015

Behind the Lens: Streetfest

*written by Bethany Meyers |
Springdale Ozone Volunteer & CWE Photographer

    As a Camp War Eagle Photographer for Ozone activities. I get to see our events from a very unique perspective, so I was asked to talk about Streetfest from "behind the lens."

    What is Streefest? Streetfest is the coming together of Camp War Eagle’s Year-Round program, The Jones Center and Fellowship Bible Church to put on a fall-festival. It’s a time where families from all around the Springdale community are invited to come enjoy a night of games, prizes, dancing, CANDY and ultimately, fellowship with one another.
    One of the best parts of the night was the dance party. Kids, families, and many volunteers came together under the flood lights, next to the hay-bale-covered DJ stand. For most of the event, there was lots of laughter, dancing, and people breaking out of their comfort zones to have a good time. We love dancing at Camp War Eagle, but it was even more magical to see many different people come together for that same camp-like experience outside The Jones Center, in the middle of Springdale.

    A little over 1,500 people came out to the event. That many people on The Jones Center’s front lawn, along with all the games and inflatables, was an incredible sight to see. I was asked to capture the event in photos and I recorded some of the evening as well. The coolest thing about going through the footage later was noticing how excited all the kids were to be there and how much joy was exuding off of every face that I was able to catch on camera.

    Thank you to all the volunteers that came out to make sure the kids and families had the best time possible and thank you to Camp War Eagle Ozone, The Jones Center and Fellowship Bible Church for making Streetfest happen each year. It is a cherished community event that would cease to exist without your efforts, commitment and passion for serving Springdale families!