Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stepping into College

As Camp War Eagle 365 continues to press forward to increase its influence in the lives of 2nd-12th grade students in NWA, we also want to do our best to help with the transition from grade school to college. As a ministry, we deeply value the great gift that continued education can offer our students. Knowing that college can be a seemingly unattainable dream, we want to walk with and guide our students by offering opportunities to explore college and make the process of applying less overwhelming.
Making connections with NWACC has been a great blessing and has offered us wonderful opportunities to educate our students on post-secondary possibilities. On July 20th, 15 CWE students attended a college visit seminar with the professionals of NWACC. They were able to tour the campus and see different facilities, classes, programs offered, etc. They also had some sit down time with Jayme Johnson, Admissions Recruiter, where they listened to a presentation on the process of application, scholarships and finances. With plenty of time for questions and answers, the students walked away with a sense of understanding on the next steps of life as they work to make their desire for college a reality.