Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fifth Annual CWE Community Christmas Dinner

In preparation for our fifth annual Camp War Eagle Community Christmas Dinner the CWE staff expressed the goal of serving our families through this event to volunteers, service organizations and local businesses throughout Northwest Arkansas. The response was tremendous. Area agencies and churches contributed over seventy volunteers who donated their time during this busy season. Included in this volunteer group were some of our summer camp chefs, who took off from their normal jobs to work all day in the Camp War Eagle kitchen preparing a sumptuous feast under the direction of head chef Bear Maddox. Local businesses also responded by generously providing goods, services and funding. The Metroplex provided a beautiful venue with some extra aesthetics making the event sparkle, while Bedford Camera and Video and Tyson Foods supported through helpful donations of needed supplies. But our greatest debt of thanks goes to the Walmart Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation who awarded CWE financial contributions which enabled us to serve our neighbors on this very special night. 

On December 7, 2011 Camp War Eagle welcomed 133 of its families to an evening of holiday fun. The Metroplex in Rogers hosted the gathering of over 580 people who were invited to celebrate the Christmas season with their friends and neighbors. Santa was also in attendance to greet the children and take photos which the families received as a special gift to commemorate the evening.

At their candlelit tables guests were served a traditional turkey dinner by counselors, staff and volunteers and as the program began, reunions of all kinds were joyfully taking place. CWE counselor Jason Polley played some holiday favorites on guitar, welcoming on stage with him campers Hailey Day and Hannah Hawley and fellow counselor Jonathan Chavez. Seven year old Hailey played carols on the piano and Hannah, a Rogers high school student, won the crowd with a song of her own composition on guitar. Mr. Chavez, a vocal performance major at the University of Arkansas, treated the crowd to a brilliant performance of a traditional Hispanic Christmas carol while accompanying himself on guitar. 

After leading the guests in singing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," Jason welcomed CWE executive director Sam Torn on stage to share with families his gratitude for their participation in the  CWE program. Mr. Torn also reminded all in attendance to thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ during this season. Finally, the evening ended with special gifts distributed to all the children and then groceries were passed to the families to enhance their tables throughout the month of December.

As students and parents were departing their gratitude was evident. Diane Aday, mother of Amy Aday, said, "I am so thankful for all Camp War Eagle does for me. It makes me feel like I'm not alone as a single parent." And Elizabeth Perez, mother of Estefany Soto, said, "I didn't expect anything this nice. The servers were wonderful and I had such a good time meeting the other family at my table."

Camp War Eagle would like to thank the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers.

The Walton Family Foundation, The Walmart Foundation, The Metroplex Event Center, Tyson Foods, Bedford Camera and Video, Potter’s House, Samaritan House, Cuerpo Vivo, Fellowship Bible Church, At the Table, Plugged In Communities, The Grove Church and Grace Point Church.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Springdale Girls Serve Community at 5k Fundraiser

The following was written by Springdale leader and NWACC student Ali Dunaway.
Kind encouragement, running with a purpose, sidewalk chalking , super fun dance parties and the love of Jesus are all the things that made the morning of December 3rd a terrific way to start the day! Mosaic, a part of Fellowship Bible Church of Northwest Arkansas, established a team of 9 people (myself included) to travel to Nepal January 2nd through the 13th, to serve the Lord and show love to His people. In order to make such an adventure possibe, fundraising had to be done. The “Run for Nepal” event was successful not only in raising funds, but also in bringing the community together for a great cause. Part of the Northwest Arkansas community that was involved in the race were the Springdale Lady Lifeliners! The girls came ready to serve and help out as much as possible! They were in charge of decorating the start and finish line and encouraging runners throughout the race.That may not seem like a big job, but many of the runners were so excited about having the girls cheer for them! It was a great way for them to be involved in bringing the community together for an excellent cause, while learning about service and encouragement. They infused energy and spunk into the entire day! One of the coolest parts about the race was introducing the girls to a church body. Many of the Ozone kiddos in attendance don't have a church that they attend regularly and it was a great opportunity to show the church community in an atmosphere of fun, while still making evident the genuine love of Jesus in the church. Going on this trip means a lot to me personally, and involving these girls in that was so incredible! For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Romans 11:36

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fayetteville Ozone welcomes new Director, Alyssa Hanson!

We are pleased and exciting to begin the new year with a new member on our staff. Alyssa Hanson, a native of Tulsa, is a recent graduate of John Brown University, where she was involved with the volleyball team, student government and small-group ministry. She brings a caring heart for students and their lives to Fayetteville! 

What aspects of Ozone are you most excited to experience this year?
I'm really excited about Ozone on Thursday nights and getting to spend time with some of my campers from this summer!! I'm also looking forward to getting to know our Fayetteville kids!

What originally attracted you to working for Ozone?
One of my friends had been a counselor at Camp War Eagle and absolutely loved it. She encouraged me to apply for the next summer, and I was so excited about it! It seemed like it would be an amazing experience, and it really did exceed my expectations! I absolutely loved spending time with my campers and getting to see their hearts. I couldn't imagine anything better than getting to do that year-round. I feel so blessed by this opportunity!

What is your favorite Camp War Eagle memory?
My cabin during fifth session acted out a Disney medley for the Talent Show. We made up motions for songs like "Be Our Guest," "A Whole New World," and "Make a Man Out of You." It was great! Our whole cabin was involved, we had great costumes, and we laughed so much!

What personal gifts or skills are you most excited to share with Fayetteville Ozone? 
I love really getting to know people and see their hearts. I'm excited to share about what the Lord has done in my life and encourage other people in their walk with God. 
What does your perfect day look like?
First of all, my perfect day would definitely be warm outside! I was one of the few people who loved the weather out at camp this summer! I would probably be in a different country by the ocean--I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. I would spend time with friends, read a good book, maybe play a game of soccer, and eat some Mediterranean food and ice cream.

Join us in welcoming Alyssa to the CWE365 family and Fayetteville Ozone!