Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Camp to Club: Lifeline

*A blog written by Scott Jones, Springdale Ozone Director
Almost every elementary school camper knows this phrase all too well. I’m sure they can all recite the call and response: Christ is our Lifeline so that we never hit…. “ROCK BOTTOM!” Indeed, the joy of Lifeline at Camp War Eagle is forever ingrained in our memory.  From the crazy characters on the Lifeline stage, to the hype of each song sung, to the ever-exciting and bouncy gymnastics mat, we undeniably LOVE it all!
But what if we told you that Lifeline is not just a summer worship service on the shores of Beaver Lake? What if we told you that what happens in the Gymnastics Center at CWE from June through August is just the beginning of something even more awesome? Here, at CWE 365, we look forward to the best Friday of the month, when Lifeline becomes a year-round reality. 
In September, we started exploring the Fruit of the Spirit. Peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and joy were the themes of the fall months. Who would have thought that Kindness and Goodness could be taught through "The Turkey Games," an extreme version of Thanksgiving themed Tribal Competition? The Turkey-Jerky and Gobbler tribes went head to head in a competition to ultimately learn more about our wonderful Good Shepherd, Jesus. Perhaps my favorite of the fall lifelines, however, was the skit performed in honor of the prodigal son. Somehow, the message of these bible stories becomes richer each time they are taught!
Looking forward, we have a semester to remember ahead of us.  Starting off with a BANG, January’s lifeline just might have had the biggest surprise yet: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! There is no better way at Camp War Eagle to learn about the impossible mission of Joshua and the walls of Jericho than through the beloved tradition of Mission Impossible! God is faithfully miraculous, even now, as he was with his chosen people long ago.
One of our most exciting plans for the spring is Family Lifeline in April! We love welcoming parents and families to our last lifeline of the year, as it helps show our students the importance of a faith family. Celebrating a great year of lifeline in the style of CWE’s Red, White, and Blue is nothing short of AWESOME!
So join us for the final three lifelines of the 2015-2016 school year, as we dive into the Love, Self-Control, and Gentleness! There may even be some exciting and friendly competition coming up in February that your kids won’t want to miss. Lifeline is a reminder that God calls us all, young and old, to follow Him. So let’s do it together!