Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Spin on Parent Meetings

This semester Ozone Ministries used the old “Bring Your Child to Work Day” formula and turned it on it’s head. Instead of a student donning his cleanest button down and tie and stepping into the office, parents were the ones experiencing a new environment.
Beginning with Lifeline on January 21, “Bring Your Parent to Club” invited parents to join in with their children during club, to play and learn as the child does, and then be informed about Ozone amidst the fun of being a kid for an hour and a half. “Bring Your Parent to Club” days continued on January 24th and 26th with the Primetime and Ozone meetings.
Each club represented what a usual meeting looks like, full of games, energy and learning, but as students separated for small group discussions, parents joined together for a short, informational meeting with the directors. The past semester, with all of it’s joys, changes and successes, was discussed, followed by the future of Camp War Eagle 365. Parents learned more about programs available to them and their children, and even how they can serve Ozone!
“Bring Your Parent to Club” was a successful way to blend fun and information and will without a doubt happen again in the future!

Friday, February 10, 2012

At The Table

Cram a gym or a classroom full of 30-40 middle school students, let them run and play for an hour, and you’re guaranteed to get a request for snack time. Primetime Ozone students have food on their mind after an exciting time at their weekly meetings.  Once a month in Springdale and Rogers, hungry Primetime students get to gather "At The Table" for a home-cooked meal.  This meal is provided by the Northwest Arkansas not-for-profit group At The Table. From their website:
At The Table provides freshly prepared meals to low-income neighborhoods and specialty groups while bringing them together as a community, primarily in an outdoor setting.
At The Table provides healthy meals in a family-style setting where everyone that desires to eat is served without regard to race, nationality, gender, or appearance of need.
Meals have included BBQ sandwiches, chicken strips, and even some delicious Hamburger Helper!  They have graciously equipped our students with take home goodie-bags full of snacks.  We’ve been so blessed by their partnership.  If you’d like more information about their organization, including details on how to get involved with time or finances, visit or contact CWE365 is so thankful for At the Table!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crystal Bridges: New Discoveries for Students, right outside their doors.

The following was written by Bentonville Ozone Director, Ellie Chase.

“No, you scream into it!” Olivia yelps with a smile as she turns from an enormous copper cone. The promise of what a low-pitched sound will bring is exciting and unexpected. “HELLO!” I bellow from deep within my gut, as the 12 year old stands giggling behind me. A sweeping concerto echoes back, and another young person is in wonder of discovery.
Since long before it’s grand opening on November 11th last fall, I have been far beyond excitement at the prospect of what Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art could mean for the people of Northwest Arkansas. More specifically, I have been expectant as to how exposure to the arts could begin to shape the youth of Northwest Arkansas in new ways. How would being given the chance to walk, quite literally, out one’s backdoor and into a beautiful world, establish ideas and a desire to create?  How would being in a world where art is more than poorly printed, 2x2 image in a dreaded history book shape the minds of Northwest Arkansas' future? In the few months since Crystal Bridges’ fantastic opening, I’ve been pleased to see what precisely the museum’s installation has meant.
Camp War Eagle 365 staff and volunteers have recognized the possibility of positive effect and have taken each and every opportunity to guide students in infusing art into their lives. Since October, dozens of outings have been taken to the Museum. Mentors, Ozone directors and volunteers, all making a point to take the students they lead to explore what’s in store at Crystal Bridges.
Rogers Ozone Director Matt Noetzel brought the experience to 15-year-old student Tony, whom Matt mentors. Tony, in awe of the museum’s fascinating architecture offered insight to Matt that it would be incredible to see it “converted into a paintball course.” The two especially favored “Wonder World,” an exhibit based upon “perception, representation, illusion, nature, and history.” Fayetteville Ozone Director Alyssa Hanson took the occasion to introduce Samantha, a high school junior, to her first major museum. Fantastic works of abstract art captured Samantha’s attention. What other doors to discovery and culture will this open? Would she have ever been so drawn in and fascinated had it not been for the connection we established for her by Camp War Eagle 365?