Monday, December 8, 2014

Our New Mentoring Director: Lacey Bailey

My name is Lacey Bailey and I am the new Mentoring Director for Camp War Eagle. I was a 7 year OSAGE camper at Camp Ozark and I worked there for 3 summers in college. In 2006, I joined Permanent Staff at Camp War Eagle and was able be part of opening the gates to thousands of kids in NWA. Until 2010, I worked on Program and 365. I went to school at Ouachita Baptist University, married a soccer player (Caddo) , and we have two beautiful but crazy girls, Annalee and Eleanor. I am passionate about the lessons taught through camp and the way it reaches families in this area. For that reason, I have returned to work as the Mentoring Director. I believe every child, no matter what their background, would benefit from from a one on one mentor. My goal is that our program will be able to continue to grow as we recruit more mentors who are excited to be intentional with our kids. 

The 3 words that describe me: (as given to me by my coworkers) Driven, Blunt, Personal

My favorite camp memory: As a camper: Being the last runner of the girls obstacle course when I was in cabin 1. My tribe was down by 1 minute, so by the time I ran, most of the crowd had made it’s way to the boys obstacle course. This was the first time I truly understood the 3 flames and the value of giving everything of myself. This was a simple and tangible way for my 16 year old self to understand what Paul spoke about in Galatians 1:10 “Am In trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.. As a Staff Member: Getting to see kids really learn to dance and have fun at Special Events. For a few summers, I was the Special Events Director and from the DJ stand, I would see kids that started off each session so unsure of themselves and the camp world they had entered into. My favorite night was the last one of the session because thats when I would see kids really come out of their shell and dance the night away.  

Five things that would be part of my Best Day EVER?
1) All Girls Beach Party
2) Any Osage Victory
3) Cookie Cake (but ONLY from Great American Cookie Company)
4) Lake Day
5.) Seeing my kids blob for the first time

My Favorite thing about 365: The staff. 

The attribute i'm most excited to bring to the CWE365 staff: My experience as a camper and counselor give me a good perspective of lots of aspects of camp. I remember how fun those simple, silly things about camp (like chow hall cheers) were to myself as a kid, and I also remember how much I needed my day off as a counselor. The culmination of these memories helps me in my decisions as I consider what’s best for our staff and kids. 

If I could create any camp special event (or bring back an old one with updates) what it would be:
We did this one time at CWE and I loved it. It’s a reverse of Mission Impossible-the staff hides and the cabins have to find them. I loved it as a kid!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Here I am, freezing. Daylight savings time was recent, which means standing in line, outside, in the middle of November at 5:45pm is a cold thing. It’s okay though, because all my friends have told me about this thing called “Great Pretenders” and how awesome and fun it is…it’s like “worth the wait in the freezing cold line” kind of great. Finally, the bouncer opens the door and a gush of warm air, bright lights, and loud noises hits and adrenaline starts rushing through my body. “Can I have an autograph?” they said, “No! Over here! Smile!” I walk the red carpet and feel like a celebrity. I guess those friends were right, so far, this Great Pretenders thing is pretty rad.

After exiting the red carpet and being bombarded with photos, questions, and selfies, students were able to enjoy this highly anticipated Camp War Eagle special event. Students could grab a friend and take endless photos in our photo booth. They could play games, get a tattoo, dress themselves in neon headbands, and paint their nails. The biggest hit at this year’s Great Pretenders was definitely the black light room. With NEON being the theme, this pitch black room was covered with neon shapes that glow in the black lights. Students could write on the walls with highlighters, dance like they were at Camp War Eagle, or just be crazy! Although there were so many fun options for everyone to enjoy, Bentonville Primetime student Ryan Beard (and winner, with his brother Steven, of the whole event) voiced his favorite part of the entire night, “I love the pizza.”

As students transitioned to the main event, they waved at their friends who were sitting in the front rows waiting to perform. The auditorium has almost reached maximum capacity as the lights begin to dim. This year was by far the most talented Great Pretenders that CWE 365 has ever seen. Every act had put in countless hours of practice, synchronized their costumes, and memorized their lyrics with high hopes of out-performing the rest! With a great mix of funny jokes, silly competitions, and awkward moments, MC Cass Trumbo led the audience in a roller coaster of excitement between each act. However, the night had to come to an end…there had to be a winner. After a lot of deliberation, the judges chose Springdale Primetime for best choreography, Rogers Summit for best costume and Bentonville brothers Ryan and Steven Beard as the overall Great Pretenders Winners.

The event made for one crazy fun, extremely interactive night. Many students went home and told their friends of how much fun was packed into this 2 hour event. Rogers student Sarah Melton put it this way, “I bragged about a lot of things. I bragged about the black light room. I bragged about the performances. But most of all, I bragged about my pizza shirt.”