Monday, March 7, 2016

We love our CWE365 Volunteers!

*A blog written by Erin Wiltse, Springdale Ozone Director

There is much to say about how unique and sweet Camp War Eagle is, but something that makes CWE different than other camps is the fact that camp counselors have the ability and desire to continue their investment in the lives of campers beyond the gates. 

CWE365 allows for the mission of camp to be part of every day life.  The lifeblood of that mission is the people who choose to partner with us: Afterschool Program workers, Mentors, and Ozone leaders make up the army who link arms to reach, connect, and change NWA students and families.

This past January, the CWE365 staff joined together to honor those that are so dear to us.  The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is an annual affair to gather, reflect, look forward together.  Through dinner, games, story-telling, fellowship, laughter and Truth, the charge became clear to all of us: Continue to look to Him, even in your good works, so that you will not be deceived in trying to earn the affection of your Heavenly Father, because He already loves you so. 

Often the trap for us happens when we gauge God’s favor in our lives based on how much (or how little) we are doing and how well (or how poor) we rate ourselves at doing those very things.  Being connected to a ministry and offering time, talent, energy, and relationship capacity, can sometimes turn you to glorify yourself instead of the very One you are serving. That was the charge for our leaders to remember and show our students: look to Christ and let Him be the one we serve and show in our lives and through CWE365.

We desire to appreciate those who are so faithful and sacrificial, and in order to do so we knew that the Gospel had to be heard.  Preaching it daily to ourselves and in our community is necessary to be able to lead well.  Celebrating all that He had done in & through us, and all He promises to continue, gave us the necessary charge to rightly move forward on mission. 

If you ever get me in a one-on-one conversation, it’s likely to bet that I will be telling stories and passionately expressing my gratitude for our volunteers and workers.  It is such a sweet thing to work and walk with such diverse & unique individuals while maintaining a unity of heart & mind that is given by the Holy Spirit Himself.

CWE365 peeps, WE LOVE YOU!!