Monday, November 9, 2015

Beaver Lake Clean Up

*A blog written by Bonnie Black, the Rogers Ozone Director

Beaver Lake Clean Up is a community service event that involves the entire community of Northwest Arkansas. Every year, people from all four cities come together for the common purpose of cleaning up our beloved Beaver Lake. Beaver Lake has a special place in our hearts because camp is right on Beaver Lake. Camp is our second home, therefore we have a soft spot in our hearts for good ole Beaver.

Throughout the morning, we picked up trash, tires, and even found some animal bones. Families came together and worked hard for several hours. Beaver Lake Clean Up is such a great event because it provides an opportunity for families to serve the community together and for students to serve alongside their friends. Several parents claimed that it is their favorite event that we do every year. It is not just a great way to earn community service hours, but also a fun activity to so as a family.

Cedar Valdez, senior at Rogers High, came to the service event for the third time this year. This is Cedar’s last year to be involved as a student and is taking every chance that he can get to make the most of it. He has been to Beaver Lake Clean Up in the past, but said that this year is different. “This year, I was the oldest student. It felt good to have the responsibility to be a good example to the younger students, to show that community service is important,” Cedar explained. Cedar has grown to love his camp community over the years and is starting to realize how big of an impact his camp family has had. “It is so cool to see the outreach and effect Camp War Eagle has on so many different people.” Cedar also enjoyed the opportunity to serve with Scott Richards, CWE 365 Director. They picked up trash and caught up on life. Cedar has looked up to Scott for a long time and is thankful for influence that Scott has had in his life and other CWE 365 students. Cedar is sad that this is his last year as a student, but as he looks back, his gratitude for Camp increases.