Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What we're Looking Forward to!

With the school year well underway and a new Ozone year starting as well, we reflected on all the great things to come over the next two semesters. Here are a few things you can get excited about too, and join in with us at Ozone!

Cass Trumbo, Bentonville Ozone Director, “Planning for this semester, I'm most excited about the thing that's coming first: PAINT WAR! I understand that sometimes it's hard to jump into club when you're new. It can be awkward. BUT NOT WHEN THERE'S PAINT EVERYWHERE. Paint tears down walls and creates a beautiful, unifying mural in their place. With butterflies. And flower-people. Paint War is a perfect opportunity for any former camper or even passerby to get involved with Ozone. COME SEE FOR YOURSELF!”

Ellie Chase, Bentonville Ozone Director, “I’m most excited for Great Pretenders, our annual lip sync competition. It’s awesome to see the hilarious and creative ideas everyone comes up with and how they choose to perform a song! Plus, the all-city event is the perfect time to see people from everywhere else in NWA and have a blast dressing up.”

Matt Morton, Rogers Ozone Director, “I'm excited for the Spring Break trips!  It's awesome getting to see all of your camp friends from the summer again.  I love the games, the talks, the small groups, and serving the community during this retreat.  It's sweet to give back to the community and to see how much you can get done with that many people!  And… I can't wait for Summit Retreat’s RAVE 2014!!”

Alyssa Hanson, Fayetteville Ozone Director, “I'm really excited about our small groups that meet outside of club. I love studying the Bible together, talking about our successes and struggles, and encouraging each other. I'm excited for all the fun activities we do too, such as playing sports together, attending shows at the Walton Arts Center, cooking with girls at my apartment, and many other things. This is going to be a great year!”

Christine Janssens, Rogers Ozone Director, “I am so excited  about regular club events picking up again this year. Club is such a fun time to see the same people each week, build lasting relationships, learn truth, and have fun! The friendships that are established during this time is a blessing to be a part of, and I am so excited to see who else the Lord brings to join us each week for club!”

Erin Wiltse, Springdale Ozone Director, “I’m most excited about beginning a new year of the LEAD program for students and partnering with Mosaic Church. The opportunities that both of those things present excite me: seeing young adults discipled and pushed to be leaders, and having more influence in the community with Mosaic in being able to support families.”

Wes May, Springdale Ozone Director “I’m super excited about club curriculum, where we will be going through the entire story of the Bible in a year with ‘The Story’. Students will be getting a chance to learn more about God’s story  and the story He’s written in their own lives!”

Ricky Shade, Fayetteville Ozone Director, “I'm really excited about cool and awesome Ozone special events like our kickoff event Paint Wars, our all-city lip sync event in the fall Great Pretenders, and for the Spring Break Retreats. Ozone special events give students the opportunity to connect with their friends they met at Camp War Eagle that they don't get to see every week. This allows for those camp friendships to continue well into the year for those students from different cities. Our special events also draw in counselors from far away colleges like Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University, which makes it awesome for campers and counselors to be reunited while in a fun and exciting environment. Special Events rock! Wait.... Ozone rocks!”