Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All City Worship Night 2015

On last last Friday in January, Summit students from each city came together to engage in a special night of worship. Once a year, high school students involved in the year round program are invited to engage in a night different than what is common to a weekly Ozone meeting. There is a slightly different atmosphere to the annual event, and students appreciate its special nature. 
Worship Night is a great opportunity for students to do many things, like eat a home cooked meal together, practicing true, uninterrupted and non-digital fellowship and friendship with their peers. They get to worship God by singing praise songs along with a live band comprised of CWE 365 staff and volunteers. They pray both in groups and individually. It was a very intimate night that created unity among the different cities and gave students the opportunity to pray about issues that are happening around the world, the country, the state, in their schools and amongst friends and family.
High school student Audrey Kelley really enjoyed the time of prayer. She said, “I think it was good to show that there are other ways of worshipping God than just singing. I loved how we prayed about things happening in the world and our community.”  Many students took part in penning their prayers onto a prayer wall, where other students, staff and leaders could come and pray for the needs and requests of others.

Worship Night is such a great event because it invites students to take time to be in awe of God together and present their requests together. It is a place where high school students from different backgrounds can come and share the commonality of God and worship His name together because he is worthy to be praised.