Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Icy Summer Night

For those of you who don’t know where the Ozone office is located, it’s probably because we’ve never held an event there; and for that you should be thankful--thankful that we never tried to cram 60 people into what used to be known as our office. However, just recently, the Ozone office was moved to room 130 at the Jones Center in Springdale (which is perfectly capable of holding over 60 people)...
Ozone Room!
Ozone Dining Room & Kitchen!
Because of the partnership with such a superb facility, we are able to offer more opportunities for families and children in NWA by hosting some of our events in the same building we office out of. Our hope is that families and students will be able to stay connected to the community by being a regular part of Ozone activities and, therefore, be submerged in the growing population of Northwest Arkansas.
What better way to introduce what we do, where we are and why we do it than to invite our families to Family Night! Families and friends from all four cities met at 6pm last Saturday, July 23rd, at the Jones Center for some mid-summer Ice Skating! The rink was filled with people of all ages and abilities who spent a joyful hour skating, or possibly even scooting, around in the 50 degree room. What a great break from this hundred degree heat!
An hour and a few bruised tailbones later we turned in our skates and relocated to a warmer room! There we had some ice cream sundaes topped with chocolate syrup, nuts, M&Ms, and whipped cream! While chowing down on our delicious treats we played board games, had conversation, and talked a little bit about what Ozone offers to students in NWA! Families got the opportunity to ask questions about our program and get a feel for what we do year round!
If you missed this opportunity visit our website at! There you will find information on kickoff events and parent meetings at the beginning of the school year! You can also find your city directors’ contact information and email them with any questions you may have! Don’t let your students miss out on all of our fun events and activities this fall!